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Dr. Darcy Ogada has worked for The Peregrine Fund’s Africa Program since 2010 and is based in central Kenya. The Peregrine Fund is an NGO working to conserve birds of prey worldwide, and most of Darcy’s current work focuses on the conservation of vultures and owls. Her first exposure to the widespread practice of wildlife poisoning came while studying owls. She then began documenting vulture declines due to poisoning.


She wrote The Power of Poison: pesticide poisoning of Africa’s wildlife that was published in the Annals of New York Academy of Sciences and has co-authored 7 other scientific papers and reports on the subject of wildlife poisoning in Africa. Alongside two collaborators, she developed the African Wildlife Poisoning Database www.africanwildlifepoisoning.org. Darcy has recently developed and leads the Stop Poisoning Now campaign, which is aimed at reducing the poisoning of wildlife, livestock and humans in northern Kenya. She’s actively involved in a host of local conservation issues as a member of Nature Kenya’s Bird Committee and the Kenya Wildlife Service Bird Taskforce.

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